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My name is DOUGLAS GREENE and I am the inventor of the AQUA SMART® system. The AQUA SMART® is a retrofit device that mounts on top of most 208-240 volt electric hot water heaters.

Back in 2010, while preparing to take a 2 week vacation, I went through the house, closing down several energy-consuming appliances, as well as setting back my heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC) system. I also removed the 2 access panels on my electric hot water heater and turned back the on-board thermostats from 120 degrees to the lowest setting, to save energy.

On the drive to our destination, the thought ran through my mind as to what a great convenience it would be to be able to set back the water heater thermostats, by remote, rather than having to go the basement and doing it manually. After all, when we return home, I will have to reverse the process and turn the thermostats back to 120 degrees.

Some 20 years ago, I developed the remote control systems for gas fireplaces and gas logs, under the brand name SKYTECH, so why couldn’t I use the same technology to remotely control an electric hot water heater?

It was with this background in RF technology that prompted me to develop the AQUA SMART® system, an energy saving device that when activated, can reduce your electric energy bill. While the development of the Aqua Smart® was similar to other remote systems I had developed, the Aqua Smart® was a bit more challenging in that it required a 2-way RF communication protocol requiring the water heater to communicate its temperature and other data to the remote transmitter.

When installed, the AQUA SMART® allows the homeowner to “wirelessly” control the operation of their electric hot water heater without having to remove the access panels on the water heater and adjust the thermostat dials.

For those individuals with that “inbred fear” of electricity, no longer will that be a concern as control of the water heater can now be done with a “wireless”, remote transmitter.

It is up to the homeowner to be PROACTIVE in programming the operation of the AQUA SMART® system to achieve these energy savings. Operating the AQUA SMART® is as easy as operating a home heating thermostat.

I urge you to review the installation video and Owner’s Manual here on our website. Don’t forget to review the details under the FAQ & TECHNICAL DATA tabs to answer any questions you may have about the operation of the AQUA SMART®.

I thank you for investigating the benefits of installing an AQUA SMART® system on your electric hot water heater.